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GEO-TEXTILES Approach for Dump Management

Due to lack of sufficient lateritic material to cover the clay dumps, new approach Geotextile –for controlling erosion of the dump surface has been explored few years back. Geotextile are thin, bio-degradable, permeable material made up of coir, cotton, jute, interwoven with nylon filaments.

Geotextiles are laid on dump slope before onset of monsoon, which reduces impacts of rain on dump surface thus preventing erosion and also conserving moisture by acting as mulch for the better growth of the plant. Geotextiles decomposes within three years by the time dump is stabilized with vegetation. Till date around 500000 sq.m. Of Geotextiles have been used on dump slopes in all mines.

For further stabilazation of the slope, grass seeds are sown on the dump which is later followed by a fully fledged plantation consisting of native species and acacia.