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Sustainable livelihood

Alternative Livelihood Opportunities Project (ALOP)

Our mining unit in the Chitradurga district of Karnataka state has created a lot of employment opportunities directly and indirectly for the villagers in the cluster. However, the majority of people belong to low-income groups and are dependent on farming. Under this programme, education on improved development in farming and the creation of alternate enterprises for sustainable livelihood are some of the initiatives taken.

In 2008 our CSR in partnership with, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad took the lead role in developing and implementing the project entitled "Alternative Livelihood Opportunities Project (ALOP)"

Project implementation NGO- Bharatiya Agro Industries Foundation (BAIF) has started the village level farmer’s meeting in all project villages. The following activities are planned and implemented in the project villages to achieve set objectives.

  • Village Mobilization meeting
  • Establishment of Cattle Breeding Center (CBC) at Hireguntanuru, Chitradurga Taluka and Muttugaduru, Holalkere Taluka proving doorstep service to farmers for breed improvement and milk yield increment. Around 414 inseminations have been done up till now.
  • Training and Capacity Building including women farmers benefitting a total of 51 farmers.
  • Tank Desiltation benefitting 271 families.
  • Horticulture plantation - 80 farmers have been enrolled till date. BAIF is providing the layout on-farm for the plantation. Total 30 layouts and 15 pit diggings have been completed for the wadi plantation.

Assistance to Dairy Farmers

In order to promote and develop Dairy Farming, financial assistance for purchasing cattle feed is provided to dairy farmers. This is on the basis of need Identification, as per which, requests from the villagers are processed. Currently, 61 farmers are benefitting under the Dairy Farming Scheme.

Gram Nirman-2010 (Integrated village development program)

Gram Nirman – 2010 is partnership project under PPP mode wherein Mineral Foundation of Goa, Sesa Goa Ltd, Govt. of Goa and Village Panchayat Kirlapal – Dabal in South and VP Mayem – Vaiguinim in North are the partners. This project conceived in 2007 through the patronage of the Chief Secretary, Govt. of Goa. The awareness and mobilization process was long drawn to ensure that more and more people participated in this program. The committee members were requested to identify different projects and issues of public interest and also to come up with probable solutions. All the request and issues were deliberated through two rounds at each WDC meeting to prioritize the same.

Under the Gram Nirman project, several projects were implemented viz.

  • Construction of Anganwadi centres
  • Toilet facility for schools
Infrastructure Development
  • Construction of multipurpose Village Resource Center (VRC)
  • Platform for idol Immersion as Ganesh festival most popularly celebrated in this area
  • Formation of Self Help Groups (SHG)
  • Bus stops, footbridges and crematoriums
Health programmes
  • Anaemia / Health camps and its follow-up through Company established Community Medical Centers (CMCs)
  • Agriculture Development programmes
  • Water Bandhara / check dams
  • Water shed development programmes

A key project under Gram Nirman was creation of drinking water facility in the village benefitting entire village of Kirlapal Dabal. It involved construction of overhead tank of 3 lakh ltr capacity, filtration unit and water pipeline.

Gram Nirman has benefitted approximately 13000 populations with 17 Hamlets in two village panchayat.