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Education & Employability

Education empowers and ushers in holistic development. At Sesa Goa Iron Ore, our sustainability initiatives are centred on nurturing students and youth through education to become agents of constructive change in the society. It is through various programs that we drive this social impact.

Sesa ‘Utkarsh’ Scholarship:

IOB launched ‘Utkarsh Scholarship Scheme’ in the year 2018 to provide financial assistance to the merit cum financially weak students to pursue their aim of higher education. Through this initiative, we support the local deserving students to overcome financial hurdles and pursue higher studies, which could help them in securing a brighter career in the long run.The scholarship has benefitted over 135 students in Goa and Karnataka. 6 girl students have successfully completed their engineering as well.

Employees of the organization are encouraged to volunteer in the selection process, interact closely with the students and be an agent of change under Employee Volunteerism Program.