Health, Safety & Environment
Health, Safety
and Environment

Health, Safety & Environment

Sesa Goa Iron Ore places a strong emphasis on Health, Safety & Environment (HSE). We being a mining industry have major challenges on HSE. We are continuously seeking to address these challenges by -

  • Mining in environmentally responsible and cleaner ways; through adoption of new and efficient technologies; modernisation of equipments; new ways of operating to actively minimise the negative environmental impacts and conserving natural resources through efficient use.
  • Eliminating the occupational illness by providing a workplace that is free from occupational health risk and hygiene hazard.
  • Providing a safe workplace that is injury-free working environment for all our employees and contract workmen’s.

Sesa’s HSE department frame the policy and guidelines on HSE; they also review the effectiveness of the system periodically. Today we have a well-defined policy on Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (SHEQ) for all our operating units apart from other policies on sustainability.

The Senior Management Committee guides our sustainable development endeavour, sets annual targets and monitors progress in line with our HSE and social policies with a clear focus on integrating HSE aspects in the decision-making process.

All our units, except the project site in Liberia, have been certified for OHSAS 18001, an international occupational health and safety management system specification. The system has helped us in managing and mitigating risks related to occupational health and safety, thus ensuring a safer workplace for our employees.

The HSE committee’s agenda is taken forward by the senior management at each site and they are supported by HSE professionals who implement this agenda. We have a well qualified HSE teams across our operations.

We conduct Independent Medical Examination (IME) & Periodical Medical Examination (PME) of all our employees. We conduct regular awareness / training programmes for our self as well as contractor employees on occupational health diseases and its controls.

We regularly organize campaigns on Blood Donations, HIV Aids Awareness, Ergonomics, Hypertension, Diabetes and Life Style diseases.

We also monitor BMI(Body Mass Index) of employees and counseling is done by our doctors.