Business Excellence

Our Integrated TPM Approach Towards Excellence

Our vision is to be “one of the top four Iron ore mining companies in the world”. We are set to attain focused results in our employee, customer, shareholder and other stake holder orientations.

The genesis of structured continual improvement activities at Sesa Goa Iron Ore began with Udaan. Udaan was launched in 2007 with the objective to create organisation-wide ownership for continuous improvement through innovative ideas and to provide a platform for unleashing individual potential / career growth and providing high performance culture. All our employees were trained on structured problem solving methodology, identified key business improvement projects and provide guidance at various stages of problem solving. In 2008, the initiative was renamed as JOSH – a Business Improvement projects scheme.

The transition in 2010: In keeping with the theme and supporting companywide improvement activities, the Business excellence team expanded its’ spread in 2010 to increase employee engagement through various initiatives.

We believe that the use of business excellence model/Quality Award will drive organizations to be more systematic in overall approach to excellence, to assess our organizational performance and work towards improving our business processes by addressing the gaps.