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Met Coke

Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Met Coke in India

Met Coke Division (MCD) is primarily a backward integration initiative to support the pig iron operations, with 70% of the met coke output consumed internally in 2012-13. The Company commissioned 2 new batteries of the met coke during the year doubling the capacity to 560,000 Tones/Year.

SESA’s Energy Recovery Coke Making Technology is an environment-friendly technology that is characterized by low capital and operating cost, high energy recovery, capable of producing high quality metallurgical coke. This technology is available for license globally in standard modules of 0.3 MTPA with a potential to generate 21 MW of electrical energy. Developed through in-house efforts, SESA holds patents in US, India, Brazil and Europe for this technology. This patent is a reaffirmation of SESA’s commitment to development of innovative and cutting Edge solutions.

Features of product

Vedanta’s Met coke Division, Manufacturing low ash Metallurgical coke by means of non-recovery heat recovery coke making process based on SESA’s patented technology.

Salient features of SESA’s coke technology are,

  • Cost-effective,
  • Clean and Enviro-friendly
  • Produce High quality metallurgical coke.
  • Optimum waste heat recovery per ton of coke produced

Metallurgical coke is the costlier and main raw material for steel industries and cupola furnaces. Main raw material for coke making is coking coals and it is being imported from different parts of world mainly from Australia, Russia, South Africa and Indonesia.

Uses and benefits of the product:

Metallurgical coke comprises of four different grades based on size of coke:

  • Foundry coke (+70mm): Used mainly in cupola furnaces for melting of pig Iron to produce different castings.
  • Blast Furnace coke (20-80mm): Used mainly in Blast furnaces as a reduction agent to reduce Iron ore in different grades of steel products.
  • Nut Coke (10-25mm): Used mainly in Alloy industries as a reduction agent.
  • Coke Breeze (-10mm): Used mainly in Sinter plants, Cement Industries.

Production Capacity

Vedanta’s Met coke Plant is strategically located at Amona, on the banks of Mandovi River, at an optimum distance of 40 kilometres from Marmagao port which gives us the dual advantage for transportation of raw material coking coal’s by riverine barges from different parts of World. Met coke division has two coke oven batteries of production capacity 0.522 Million tons per annum.

Level of customisation

Vedanta’s Met coke Plant produces low ash, low Sulphur & low phosphorous Metallurgical coke which is suitable for blast furnaces and cupola furnaces which are mainly manufacturing automotive castings.

Given below are the indicative specifications of various grades Metallurgical coke which are being supplied to Vedanta’s Pig Iron manufacturing facility and valued Customers primarily in India.

Parameters +100mm 70-100mm 20-80mm Nut coke Coke Breeze
Volatile Matter 3.0 Max 1.7 Max 1.2 Max 4Max 6 Max
Ash 12.5 Max 12.5 Max 12.5 Max 14 Max 25 Max
Fixed Carbon 84.5 85.8 86.3 82 Min 70 Min
Phosphorous 0.05 Max 0.05 Max 0.05 Max 0.05 Max 0.05 Max
Sulphur 0.6 Max 0.6 Max 0.6 Max 0.6 Max 0.6 Max
CRI     24-26    
CSR     63-66    
M10     6-8    
M20     90-92    

Note: Above specifications are indicative and can be modified to suit customer requirements.